Metallon has the ability to assemble a wide range of parts from the simple to the very complicated and small as well as large parts

Our Assembly capabilities includes
• Mixed Materials
• Computer Aided Assembly
• Value Added Assembly
• Mechanical Assembly
• Metal Stamping and Assembly

Metallon can provide cost effective assembly of your stamped parts. Read below how we improved workflow and redce costs for and aircradft brake pad assembly.


Automated Assembly

The aircraft brake pad assembly cells originally consisted of one operator inserting a screw machined component into the cup, which was then placed onto a rotary table. It was then orbital riveted together. Batches of these were then moved to a spot welding operator who then inserted them in a channel feed to the welding point. This process was interrupted periodically for pull-testing to qualify strength of weld.

image001 image002
Before                                                                                After

The entire operation is now done in one station: Automatic bowl feeders now pick and place the screw machined part into the cup. It advances to the next station which orients the part for welding and then to the welding station itself and completion.

1. 1 operator runs 2 assembly set-ups instead of 4 people.
2. Less chance of injury or rejected work due to human error.
3. Weld testing can be done without interrupting the production line.
4. Rate of production is better regulated allowing for better planning.