Precision Metal Stampings

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When volume is sufficient, many metal parts lend themselves to be efficiently manufactured through the use of progressive stamping tools. This type of high volume metal stamping manufacturing eliminates the need for multiple tool sets, presses, set-ups and operators, and combines everything into one tool.

It employs the automatic feeding of metal into a press through several tool stations, with each station performing a different operation(s). The part is carried through the tool by the web of raw material that is designed to hold the part in position as it progresses from station to station.

The most common operations for high volume metal stamping are bending, piercing and drawing, but can also include several other ways of modifying the raw material, including coining and tapping. Typically the last station is where the finished part is cut off from the carrying web.

Metallon, Inc. has extensive experience in the design and running of Class A progressive tooling in presses from 32-tons through 150-tons on parts ranging from close–tolerance requirements for the automotive, aerospace and surgical industries to the broader tolerances of some construction fasteners. Tools are maintained in-house for the life of the project(s).

In addition to the design and building of progressive tools, Metallon’s in-house capabilities offer:

  • – Product Design Assistance
  • – Re-Engineering
  • – CAD Layouts
  • – Prototypes
  • – Stocking/Shipping Programs

In-house secondary operations include:

  • – Tapping
  • – Spot Welding
  • – Riveting
  • – Staking

Parts can be supplied:

  • -Plated
  • – Deburred
  • – Heat Treated
  • – Cleaned
  • – Passivated
  • – Anodized

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