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Read case studies of products and processes that Metallon has developed to improve parts and efficiencies and where benefits are passed along to our customers.

Brake Adjusting Nut


“Thinking outside the box…” In February of 1996 a potential customer asked if Metallon could suggest a better, more cost effective way to produce their powdered metal emergency brake adjusting nut. Working in conjunction with their engineering group, we were successful in developing a stamping that not only exceeded the strength of the powdered metal […]

Wire Harness Terminals


In 1997 Metallon was asked by a wire harness supplier if we would quote on 6 or 8 ring terminals that the current supplier was going to discontinue. A meeting was set up with the OEM’s engineers and purchasing people. During the meeting it was mentioned that the OEM had approx. 140 different ring terminals […]

Automated Assembly


Before The aircraft brake pad assembly cells originally consisted of one operator inserting a screw machined component into the cup, which was then placed onto a rotary table. It was then orbital riveted together. Batches of these were then moved to a spot welding operator who then inserted them in a channel feed to the […]

Roofing Fasteners


In 1989 Metallon was asked to develop a sheet metal roofing fastener that could compete with an existing product. The initial result was a 2-piece assembly with one part made in a four-slide machine, the mating part made in a progressive tool and then both sent to our customer for assembly. The marketing efforts were […]